Fire Doors

As a manufacturer of fire doors in WA , Commercial Doors Hardware has been at the forefront of the industry for over 25 years.

Through constant market research and targeted research and development, Commercial Door Hardware has ensured that its products have ‘moved with the times’.

Within the suite of products Commercial Door Hardware manufactures, our clients can suit all of their fire door construction requirements; whether it is economic restraints, construction methodology. Situations requiring additional provisions for acoustic, security and industrial applications are also catered for in the Commercial Door Hardware range.

Fire Resistance Rating (FRR) is the term used to classify fire resistance of primary and secondary building elements, including fire doors, as determined in a standard test for fire resistance. The FRR is made up of three numbers, giving the time in minutes for which each of the criteria Stability, Integrity, and Insulation are satisfied. The Stability criterion is not relevant to fire doors. For example, -/30/30 means:

Stability no requirement/ Integrity 30 minutes/ Insulation 30 minutes.

Stability = Fire Resistance under defined load
Integrity = Resistance to passage of flame or hot gases
Insulation = Temperature rise criterion

By Australian Standards 1851:2012 requires the ongoing inspection of fire rated doors & penetrations every six-months. For more information contact us.