Event Cinemas – Whitfords

The new complex features two Gold Class, two Vmax and four traditional theatres. The Gold Class cinemas can seat 40 to 48, the traditional ones have seats for 156 or 298, Vmax theatres can seat 408 to 435 making them Perth’s largest.



CDH Scope Of Works
Supply of Fire Rated Doors (Prolined)

Supply of Non Rated Doors

Supply of door hardware

Supply of fire rated & non rated door frames

Installation of fire rated doors

Installation of non rated doors


Start : 02-06-2017

Completion : 28-08-2017


The doors were delivered to site prefitted (prolined) with hinges, drop seals and profiled to the frame. This eliminated machining of doors on site which also reduced mess and installation time. Manufacture of bespoke items required for finishing’s.